(Blue Moon Storm)

In this album, Leonidas combines a cerebral approach to songwriting reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, an emotional appeal which at times reminds us of Seal, and a fluid feistiness in Lennie Kravitz fashion.

Betrayal, nostalgia, anger, hope, immortality, regret, introspection, despair, illusion and eternity are some of the subjects touched upon and hidden behind the lyrics and melodies of 'Blue Moon Storm', still this attempt remains relatively modest and direct.

With melodies and lyrics drawn from deep, transformative experiences, some songs contain fairly powerful, multi-dimensional metaphysical nuances and a particular - if not intense, at times - emotional vibration which, nonetheless, is craftily enveloped in simple musical form.

At times melancholically serene, with references to the 70's, and at times more aggressive, in pop-rock fashion, the album is addressed to a somewhat mature and patient audience. While some of the songs like 'Kamila' ("Camel'), 'Vassiliki', and 'An Pistevo Mono Ego' ('If Only I Believe') find an immediate response in people of varying musical taste, the multi-layered songwriting and lyrics unfold and reveal themselves gradually with each consecutive listening.