Children's Fantasy Adventure Series

appleThe story follows two children in 420 B.C., AVRA and LEON, who unknowingly answer the call of the unsung, 13th goddess of Olympus, ELESTI, and become her apprentices, jumping across time and space, acquiring divine powers, having amazing adventures, and changing the face of humanity.
The genre of the series is historic fantasy. The geography, the ancient history, the mythology and the civilisation of Greece serve as the foundation on which an imaginary parallel world is built, that of Elesti.

Elesti’s world is the synthesis of elements from Greek mythology, history and philosophy with the storyline of each hero, from which branch a virtually inexhaustible possibilities for entertainment and education. The result is a series based on classic values, delivered in contemporary terms.

It is Greece of 400 BC. on the sacred mount of Epidavros, half-way between the famous city-states of Athens and Sparta, in a parallel dimension hidden from mortals and gods alike. Elesti[1], a mysterious, unknown deity is about to make contact, for the first time ever, with the world of men. She has been observing it from her world for millennia, unseen and unfelt  like a ghost, trying to find answers to the burning questions that have haunted her for as long as she can remember. Why could no one see, or hear her? Was she not real, or was  the world of men the imaginary one? Why was she all alone in a parallel reality? How did she get there in the first place?

Free from the restrictions of time and space and under the guidance of Mentor , her giant shape-shifting companion, she has been relentlessly and tirelessly trying to pierce the seemingly impenetrable veil between her world and the world of men for what seems like an eternity. At first, she had only gained command over the earthly elements: The wind, the earth, water and fire. Eventually she succeeded in making contact with, and gained mastery over, certain members of the plant kingdom. Then, insects. Eventually a small number of animals - mostly odd ones. Now, finally, she is ready to set a plan in motion that will make her known to the human kingdom. Recruiting the elements and creatures under her command, she attempts, for the first time, to lure human beings  into her world.
She waits patiently,  waiting.  Will her efforts bear fruit? In what form? Who will answer her call? And so our story begins.

Across the Saronic gulf,  on the outskirts of Athens, Avra[ Avra in Greek, means aura, and her name was not given to her lightly.
Leonidas Kossis 25/03/2018, 12:07 PM], a five-year old girl is sitting under her favourite olive tree, playing her favourite game: Changing the shapes of clouds with her mind.
She squints, in an effort to wish a big, fluffy cloud into shape. She opens her eyes, with expectation and enthusiasm. It is a beautiful lamb. Only, the lamb turns its head and looks at her! Avra is amazed. How could this be? Is this really happening, or has she fallen asleep, and this is but a dream? Sometimes she does have difficulty, telling dream from reality. She gets up. The lamb turns its head forward and starts running. Worried that she may have scared it away,  Avra, chases after it - apologising, and pleading with it not to go.
Had Avra’s attention not been completely devoted to the lamb-shaped cloud, she would have noticed a mysterious purple mountain appearing in the distance, out of nowhere. She would have also realised that the pink fluffy cloud she’s chasing is leading her right to it.

In the same moment, to the south-east of Epidavros, across the Argolic gulf, on the outskirts of Sparta, another child, just a year older than Avra, is on a different kind of chase, or rather, hunt. His name is Leon, which in Greek means lion. Armed with his precious wooden sword and a piece of old fishing net, he is on a high-speed pursuit of today’s “adversary” - a chicken proving to be more challenge than fun.
Had the boy not been so fixated on grabbing the tail of that chicken, he would have noticed a purple mountain miraculously emerging out of thin air ahead of him.
What neither Avra nor Leon could ever possibly imagine, is that they are both being lured somehow towards the foot of the same mysterious mountain!  But how is this possible? Athens and Sparta are too far apart!

It is Elesti’s magic at work. A huge, unusually luminous rainbow the likes of which no one has ever seen forms, one end of it in Sparta, the other in Athens, bridging the two rival city states, eliminating distance, space and time. The children are unknowingly crossing this rainbow bridge, running towards each other at high speed. The only indication that something extraordinary is taking place is a faint purple fog, permeating all of nature along the children’s paths.

As fate would have it, soon enough Avra and Leon, totally absorbed in their passionate chase of lamb and chicken, collide with each other where their two paths meet, in the strange forest, at the foot of the mysterious purple mountain.
From the very first interaction between the boy and the girl it is perfectly clear that theirs is a charming - and classic - combination: Feminine and fickle, foxy and cultured, obviously the more mature of the two, Avra has her finger on Leon’s emotions from the very first moment.  Leon on the other hand is a typical hit-the-ground-running kind of guy, impressively adept in all things practical, but equally clueless in many things subtle[
If he weren’t so profoundly principled, he could be mistaken as a bully, goofy at times, but that layer of Leon’s personality is mostly made up of bad secondary choices when it came to role models.
Leonidas Kossis 25/03/2018, 3:36 PM].
It doesn’t take long for Avra’s contrived indifference accompanied by a well-targeted comment questioning his status as a warrior, to make Leon furious. In a misguided attempt to prove his bravery and strength he goes charging after a big, black, hapless ant in order to annihilate it. Avra tries to stop him from doing something so cruel and useless, but Leon is unstoppable. He is about to stomp on the poor insect when -

He is thrown flying into the air by a powerful force!
It is a giant wolf. Elesti’s shape-shifting companion that goes by the name of Mentor.  Elesti’s plan has succeeded. The children have somehow crossed over into Elesti’s dimension!
Leon is paralysed with fear at the sight of this enormous animal. Mentor closes in, growling menacingly and everything seems lost when the unexpected happens: Avra comes to the rescue!
She jumps onto Mentor’s neck and does the only thing she could think of, on such short notice: She covers his eyes with her blanket! Mentor, taken by surprise, forgets all about the boy for a moment and tries to shake her off. Leon takes advantage of the opportunity to put into practice his warrior training - he skilfully throws his net into the animal’s front legs. Mentor loses his balance and falls to the ground.

Disoriented and with Avra still barely hanging from his fur, Mentor struggles to get back on his feet. Meanwhile, Leon picks up his wooden sword. He jumps up in the air and, in a typical Achilles-style manoeuvre, is about to (supposedly) plunge it into the poor animal’s heart when… A woman’s voice is heard, unlike any other the children have every heard!

  • Stop! the voice exclaims, and time stands still. Every movement stops, everything freezes… Even Leon remains suspended in mid-air.

It is Elesti, making herself known to the children for the very first time. Everything around her remains perfectly still, as she walks towards them. She takes a long, hard look at the humans she has managed to lure into her world: Children… She should have guessed!
She drops her arms. Time starts moving again, and with it, gravity takes over. Leon falls on his head.

Elesti demands to know why Mentor is being treated in this way. Avra justifies her behaviour by saying she was trying to save her friend from the “monster”. Leon protests - under no circumstance would he ever need rescuing, especially by a girl, and an Athenian, nonetheless. …Who is “not his friend,” by the way.
But Elesti knows better. One look into Mentor’s eyes is enough for her to telepathically see exactly what happened. She informs them that Mentor, (that is the name of the enormous wolf and he is certainly not a monster), was not trying to harm Leon in any way: He was simply trying to prevent the boy from taking a life - something that is strictly not allowed in this world.
Leon is confused. What life? What world?

When Elesti explains that she is a goddess, and that they had strayed into her world, where even the tiniest of lives matters, including that of an ant.
Leon can not help himself - he mocks her: Everyone knows that there are twelve gods, that none of them are named Elesti, and that all of them reside on mount Olympus, (“with the exception of Poseidon who prefers to live in the sea, and Hades, whose home is the underworld”). So there is no way Elesti is a goddess, as she claims. What’s more, ants are weak, and he is strong, “a god even, compared to the ant.”
“We shall see…”, says Elesti and  forms an imaginary circle,  framing Leon who is standing across from her. As her hands come closer together and the circle becomes smaller and smaller, Leon gets smaller too! Avra watches in horror as Elesti shrinks Leon to the size of an ant[2]!
“Is is the kind of god you want to be?” - Elesti’s voice thunders as she lifts her foot over Leon, ready to crush him. Leon freezes up with fear as Elesti’s foot descends upon him. Believing the end is imminent, he closes his eyes and closes his eyes, expecting the worst...
For the second time, Avra comes to the rescue, this time pleading with Elesti not to harm the boy: “Please, do not hurt him! Even the tiniest life matters, you said it yourself! Even the tiniest life matters!”
Elesti stops at the last minute. She never intended to harm Leon, she just wanted him to realise what it is like to be at the receiving end of such behaviour. She smiles at Avra, content that she found such a quick learner.
“Be the kind of god you would have watching over you,” says Elesti to a perplexed Leon, who of course has a long way to go before he can fully comprehend the full meaning of her words.

The children are both dazzled. Someone who can stop and start time, someone who can make you as small as an ant and bring you back to size with a simple gesture, must at the very least be a very powerful wizard, if not indeed a goddess! But, how come they’ve never heard of her? How come no-one knows she even exists[ Elesti projects images into the minds of the children as she tells them her story. How she was found in a half-broken amphorae’s at the foot of mount Olympus by Hermes. How she was taken to the summit, and the twelve gods gathered around her, to decide her fate. How, in fear of what a new generation of gods might mean for them, they had created a world, an alternate dimension reserved just for her, where she would remain invisible to the outside world, as it would remain to her. Alone, there, with no-one to take care of her, she was essentially left to die, if not by their hand, surely by their doing. In this dimension, buried forever in the lost memories of time, she was left to be forgotten by all, eventually even themselves.

Leonidas Kossis 25/03/2018, 4:44 PM]?
Avra wonders: Could Elesti use her magical powers to make everybody happy? Leon, on the other hand, is more interested in acquiring Elesti’s powers for himself. Could she teach him her tricks? That sort of power could make him the most powerful warrior in Sparta, maybe even the whole world!

Elesti smiles, smitten by their innocence. She can read their thoughts, their aspirations. She can see that the children came to her not by misfortune, but by design. She understands that this boy and this girl alone, are the gates to the human universe. Through them, she will seek answers to the huge mystery surrounding her own existence. Knowing that their journey together was ready to begin, Elesti makes a pact with the children.

She promises to help them realise their ambitions, provided that they help her realise her goal: To change the face of humanity. And so they agree.

  • “Ready,” says Leon. “Now what do we do?”
  • “Learn the laws of the Gods”, Elesti replies.

And so their  journey begins.

[1] , [the unknown, unsung, thirteenth goddess of Olympus]
[2] The ant that, just minutes ago was about to be crushed by Leon's sandal approaches timidly, curious.